Bristol Eye Hospital

Illustrations used to develop the IPad/tablet Application for Ophthalmology

“Alex produced the artwork for an App we developed to provide rehabilitation for children who have problems in eye-movement coordination.  She is an inspiring  person to work with and we really couldn’t have delivered the project without her. Her illustrations were  witty, playful and simply beautiful.”

The backgrounds and animals were drawn separately and added in layers in the final stages of the design. The app would enable the animals to move and animate over the background illustration.

“What makes Alex’s illustrations so exciting is the interplay between traditional illustration and street art.  Her work evokes John Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and the designs of William Morris but also is very much part of contemporary street art.  Alex’s work is quite literally part of the fabric of Bristol and this melding of the old and the new, of the historical and the contemporary, is a hallmark of Bristol as a city.”

Professor Iain Gilchrist

University of Bristol