Street art

and other large paintings

A selection of various large scale paintings, from shutters to wooden gates, metal tool sheds, gas boxes and shipping containers.

Rampant Rabbits.

Hammerite paint on Metal, aluminium shutters. Stokes Croft, Bristol

Caffeine addicts. Two bears relaxing in the Bearpit Social. Acrylic painted on ply wood.

Proper gateĀ envy… Fox and spider painted on a garden gate. Bristol.

Acrobats. Acrylic paint on a metal tool shed. Bristol

Running hare on external gas meter cover. Acrylic paint on plastic.

Boxing hare. Stokes Croft, Bristol

A private commission in a house. A typical forest scene. Mixture of paints and pen.

Fox mural. Fox Road, Bristol.

Morroccan inspired mural