Uncertain World

Uncertain world is an artistic collision of a potential future world with that of the very deep past – the Jurassic – when carbon dioxide concentrations were as high as they could be by the end of this century.

The Uncertain World project was commissioned by the director of the Cabot Institute, Professor Rich Pancost. The artwork depicts a sea level rise that is unlikely to happen soon – even in a world with 800 parts per million of carbon dioxide, twice that of today, sea level rise of more than one metre will take some time. Climatically, the world of the twenty-first century will be unlike anything humans have experienced, but not necessarily unlike anything the Earth has experienced.

It has been a privilege to work with the Cabot Institute as bringing arts and sciences together creates a wonderful dynamic.  Not only have I learnt a lot from this project but I have been inspired by the nature and the ethos of it. The relationship between the arts and sciences needs to be successfully demonstrated and integrated into our society.

Character Designs include Ammonites (with spray can), Metriorhynchus, plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs.

After the initial project was complete, I was commissioned by The Cabot Institute to paint a large scale mural on the wall of a Bristol University building.

The position of the mural presented various scaffolding challenges and I spent several hours during the week assembling and disassembling the structure. The angle of the pavement added an extra risk assessment!