The Bristol Arts Quarter

My peacock mural at one of the gateways to the Bristol Arts Quarter

Situated opposite the Bristol Children’s Hospital on Upper Maudlin Street, this colourful mural stands at over 10ft tall. The mural was commissioned by the Bristol Arts Quarter committee to highlight one of the pathways of Bristol’s oldest streets.

Painting in November was challenging due to the inclement weather! A hair dryer proved to be an invaluable tool and bemused many passers by.

Standard masonry paint was used along with acrylic gold paint and this proved to be very effective in making the peacock feathers shine. The peacock design has been very successful and I used gold leaf in an interior mural which looked stunning. The design also features in my bespoke wallpaper range and as various decals.

The completion of the mural was celebrated at Workshop 22 followed by a private exhibition at The Hours Gallery which featured a time lapse of the mural being painted.